Sapil is originally the main scent producer in UAE with a scope of selective aromas and flavors for men and women. Sapil scents are about style with the outwardly alluring appearance and magnificence which makes its scents among the exclusive class of fragrances.

One of the best women’s perfume we have is Pink Nancy for Rs 1,400/- only. It is a scent which throbs with freshness yet is pleasant, unobtrusive and exquisite. Enticing where it counts on the most fundamental level, it is a classic bundle that blends with a sexy fiery note.

Falling under the same price range, we have Promise, which is a vivacious aroma, overflowing with bliss. Perfect for the individuals who dependably hold splendid expectations in their heart, this is an extraordinary yet satisfying aromatic mixture. This is an uncommon blend of splendid excitement, which includes flowery scents of Rose, Violet, Narcissus and Tuberose and flows into the more woody whiffs of Sandalwood, Fleur—de– Lin and Vanilla.

Enhance your ability of pleasing, drawing in and entrancing others with Charm. Feel your charm around you with the engaging scent of Sapil’s Charm EDP. This fragrance begins with alleviating oral notes of rose and flows into a musky woody base note.

For men, a popular choice is Nice FeelingsThe aroma is luscious and luxurious with notes of citrus, rose, jasmine and indications of wood. It welcomes you to the profundities of the sea with its superbly charming, crisp whiff that brings dreams of sprinkling waves and the huge breadth of peaceful blue skies.

Disclosure is another popular men’s perfume. This is a scent that mixes masculinity with luxury. Disclosure wires woody, fiery and floral scents accomplishing a pinnacle that is both serious and enchanting. A mixture of brilliant light floral tones and the luscious nature of woody and golden accents make this a manly blend of exemplary and pop classes.

Solid men perfume gives an aroma with a spirit that is bold and dangerous, yet cool. Strongly tense, Sapil Solid is a macho and colorful mix of crisp citrus and addictive spices, strengthened with the secretive sexiness of musk. It is a dark, woody ordeal that throbs with sensuous manly complexity.

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