Bella Cool Grey Contact Lenses – Highlight Collection


Color – Cool Grey
Lens Material – Polymacon
Water Content – 38%
Base Curve – 8.6mm
Diameter – 14.5
Central Thickness – 0.07mm (@-3.00D)
Permeability – 12
Transmissibility – 95%
Lens Collection – Eye enlarging lenses
Modality – 3 months

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Bella Natural Cool Gray is the initial call lens business that has a variety of extremely attractive contact lenses. Their lenses are made up of material utilized to use good oxygen circulation to the wearer’s eyes for a clear, crisp vision. You will find a special UV blocker in them for your eyes’ defense. Additionally, the fragile and soft products offer you comfort for the entire day to make sure that you can quickly wear them in the morning time or evening hrs. Bella Natural Cool Gray has actually included a creative design in each of their lenses from the versatile yet unique creative imagination of a specialist, visionary musician.

The Contact Lenses included in the Highlight Collection by Bella give a different means to boost your looks by expanding your eyes, giving you a perfect and also impressive appearance. This eye lens collection consists of one-of-a-kind tones as well as an exceptional strategy to craft a dramatic impact by providing a fashionable as well as posh appearance to your remarkable eyes. The collection is widely offered in five distinctive, brilliant shades, which include Cool Hazel, Circle Brown, Gold, Cool Gray, and also Circle Gray. Provide your eyes a stylish appearance with the UV rays protection function of these lenses.

Bella’s Highlight Eye Contact lenses are now offered in Pakistan. provides its solutions in every part of the country via messenger. Select the lens that finest suits you, and afterward position the order. Since has supplies of Bella lenses in all major cities of Pakistan, it will reach your front door within the assigned period.

The Bella Highlight collection of Bella Contact Lenses are features 2 alluring colours that are designed to give your eyes a dynamic and mesmerizing look. They are also known as circle lenses as they feature a strong limbal ring. They are designed like that to highlight the beauty and look of your irises. The prominent limbal ring gives your eye a more defined look making them look bigger and more noticeable. The majestic shades featured in this collection are very popular in western countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and in the middle eastern states like Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The two shades in this collection are Bella Highlight Circle Brown and Highlight Circle Cool Gray. They give your eye an enlarging effect and enhance the natural features of your eye. Highlight Gold Contacts by Bella come in a pack of two contacts along with a 100ml multi-purpose lens solution to take care of the lenses. They are also available with grades/power if you want to enjoy a new look while correcting your vision. Feed-in your recent medical prescription power before placing the order. This coloured eye lens is made of high-quality oxygen permeable material that ensures a free flow of oxygen to your eyeball so that your eye doesn’t get irritated. Also, the 38% water content in the material keeps the lenses hydrated and your eye comfortable. Bella’s collection Highlight Gold Lenses are monthly eye lenses that can be worn every day for up to three months provided you take care of the contacts really well and strictly follow the lens care routine. offers the Bella Highlight Gold collection with express shipping to every corner of Pakistan. So, choose the shades you always wanted for your eye and upgrade your look for the special event. Place the order with just one click, the package will be at your doorstep within a couple of days and you will get your ideal look in no time. Are you looking for cool hazel, circle grey, and other colored lenses? Then look nowhere else as you have these Bella collections. Every Bella COLLECTION EYE RELATED PRODUCT is suitable for someone. We offer you a collection that is available in different colors.


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